Welcome to the Tofino Arts Council

Tofino Arts Council is a non-profit society formed to support and encourage arts and culture activities in the community of Tofino and surrounding areas of Clayoquot Sound. The purpose of our society is to build and integrate the arts into the fabric of daily life in Tofino. Tofino Arts Council recognises that arts and culture activities are essential to the vitality of our remote community because they contribute to the well being of residents in the region. Arts and culture activities are also a significant factor in our area’s tourism industry, benefiting visitors and helping to sustain our regional economy by supporting the livelihoods of many artists and cultural workers in our diverse, creative population.

Tofino Poet Laureate

Tofino Arts Council is proud to have been involved with the creation of the Tofino Poet Laureate in 2018. In August 2017, the District of Tofino passed a resolution to support the appointment of a Poet Laureate in 2018. The District has committed up to half of the annual artist’s fee for the Poet Laureate, matching funds have been raised in the community. Our businesses, individuals and organizations have the opportunity to participate and contribute toward this ground-breaking exciting initiative by helping to fund the annual artist’s fee, events and activities of the Poet Laureate, and administrative and promotional costs.

The Tofino Poet Laureate working group has been meeting for a number of months already, exploring the many possibilities of meaningful engagement with the community in all its facets – from schools to businesses to visitors to festivals to individual citizens. We have been asking: What does Tofino embrace wildly, passionately enough to declare it with poetry? And how can it celebrate that? And we have been developing the structure required to realize this program, including fund-raising and administration, defining the scope of the Poet Laureate’s role, and developing a selection process to choose the best candidate.

For more information on the Tofino Poet Laureate, click here.

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