Tofino Arts Council Mandate

Tofino Arts Council is a non-profit society formed to support and encourage arts and culture activities in the community of Tofino and surrounding areas of Clayoquot Sound. The purpose of our society is to build and integrate the arts into the fabric of daily life in Tofino. Tofino Arts Council recognizes that arts and culture activities are essential to the vitality of our remote community because they contribute to the wellbeing of residents in the region. Arts and culture activities are also a significant factor in our area’s tourism industry, benefiting visitors and helping to sustain our regional economy by supporting the livelihoods of many artists and cultural workers in our diverse, creative population.

Tofino Arts Council Vision

Increasing the public’s understanding and appreciation of the visual, performing and literary arts by assisting to provide performances and exhibitions of an artistic nature in public places, community centres and educational institutions.

Assisting to provide instructional seminars and workshops to artists and the public on topics related to the visual, performing and literary arts.

Providing information on artistic and cultural activities in Tofino and Clayoquot Sound.

Bringing to the attention of Civic, Provincial and Federal Governments the artistic and cultural resources and needs of the area.

Providing an inclusive, independent voice to express the cultural and artistic needs and activities of the area.

Providing organized support for local artists and cultural organizations through changing district councils in Tofino.

Our Story

Tofino Arts Council is a young non-profit society run by a volunteer board with extensive and diverse experience in arts, culture, volunteering, municipal governance and local business.  As of 2013, Tofino is designated as a provincial Resort Municipality, and the District of Tofino has adopted a new Arts and Culture Master Plan for the next 10 years.  It is in this climate of change and new cultural beginnings that the Tofino Arts Council is establishing itself as an independent, inclusive voice for artists and cultural organizations in our community.  Our mandate is to support and encourage arts and culture in Tofino and the surrounding Clayoquot Sound communities, as we believe this is a responsibility and opportunity to help our communities grow in a healthy, vibrant way.

The Tofino Arts Council (TAC) was established in 2012 after the Tofino Art Scan, which addressed a need for a creditable voice and advocate in the arts community.  Originally begun with a board of nine community members (Maureen Fraser, Peggy Jameson, Marion Syme, Brenda Huculak, Morgan Callison, Rob Renna, Cindy Hutchison, Norma Dryden and Jennifer Steven), each bringing professional experience in a variety of fields along with a keen interest and support of the arts.

Our current board consists of: Maureen Fraser, Norma Dryden, Kim Hoag, Erin McGillivray, Jan Brubacker, Erin McMullan, Lauren Howard-Tripp, Joanna Streetly